Winter Parking


Winter Parking season begins on November 1st and runs through April 1st.  Winter parking rules are in effect 24x7 throughout the season regardless of weather conditions.  For details about winter parking rules, feel free to download our flyer or use our Street Alerts app to find out about rules for a specific address.

What To Do If Your Car Is Towed

Vehicles that are towed due to a Snow Emergency Violation will be towed to one of our tow lots around the City. By using our updated list below, you can locate exactly which lot your vehicle was towed to.  After confirming where the vehicle is, you will need to pay the tow yard $140 if you retrieve within 24 hours or be subject to a $35/day storage fee.  You will additionally have a parking ticket of $25 that must be paid to the City unless you plan to appeal the ticket. Instructions for payment/appeal can be found printed on the back of the ticket. 

Towing List