Residential Parking

Parking Stickers and Visitor Passes

A resident parking sticker is required in order to park Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm on the streets listed below. 

Visitor passes are to be used only by people actually visiting your home. They are not to be used by people using the MBTA. Abuse of a visitor pass will result in a fine and revocation of the pass. If lost or stolen, the pass will not be replaced.

Obtain a Parking Sticker/Visitor Pass

To obtain a parking sticker, please fill out the following form.  Click here to apply for a City of Malden Residential Parking Permit

Parking Sticker Placement

  1. Peel back to expose the sticky front side of the sticker.  
  2. Place sticker on the inside of the vehicle  on the lower right of the driver-side window as shown in the photo here.

Apply for Residential Parking Sticker/Visitor Pass

Residential Parking Streets